Forensic Dentistry

A Comprehensive Source for Forensic Odontological Services

Forensic Dentistry, also known as Forensic Odontology, is the branch of dentistry that deals with the collection, evaluation, and proper handling of dental evidence in order to provide assistance to law enforcement, civil, and criminal judicial proceedings. 

Dr. Golden has extensive experience in all of the categories of forensic dental investigation. His goal is to thoroughly analyze the evidence and arrive at an accurate opinion that is easily understood, using methods that incorporate the utmost professionalism and integrity.

  •  Identification of unknown deceased persons
  •  Mass Fatality Incident (MFI) management and assistance
  •  Human Age Determination
  •  Documentation and analysis of bitemark evidence
  •  Examination of oral-facial structures for determination
       of injury, dental malpractice, or insurance fraud.
  •  Child abuse, Elder Abuse, and neglect
There are numerous courses in Forensic Dentistry that are taught both in the United States and Canada each year. To varying degrees, Forensic Dentistry can be offered at several dental schools throughout the USA as either elective courses or as part of the normal curriculum. There are also post-graduate training sessions and courses sponsored by law enforcement agencies and independent dental organizations where basic fundamentals of forensic odontology are covered. Dr. Golden has been an active educator in many of these settings.